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                  Company Profile Current location: Home page > Company Profile

                  Wenzhou qiangbang industry co., LTD. Is a large stainless steel fastener manufacturer integrating research and development, production, sales and service.Founded in 2003, the company is a national high-tech enterprise.The company has two production bases and four storage and distribution centers in China. The plant covers an area of 200 mu, with an annual output of more than 10000 tons.The company is well equipped with multi-station cold upsetting machine, automatic pneumatic tapping machine, high precision CNC/instrument lathe, manipulator punching machine and other production equipment, as well as tensile machine, hardness tester, salt spray test and other experimental equipment, with good r & d and production capacity.

                  The company specializes in manufacturing stainless steel 304-316-2205-2520-310S series of nuts, screws, pins, washers, expansion, riveting, combination and other fasteners.Products cover German standard, national standard, American standard, Japanese standard, etc., widely used in communication, power, high-speed rail, home appliances, machinery, military industry, furniture, automobile and other industries.

                  Company's main products are: stainless steel rivet nuts, wing nuts, butterfly screws, metal lock nut, flange surface screws, carriage bolts, articulated screw, T flange with nylon lock nut, screw, flange with metal lock nut, cassette, K hat, nylon cover mother, long nut, welding nut, square nuts, anti-theft nut, anti-theft screws, expansion, knurled cylindrical pin fancy fasteners, etc. 

                  In line with the purpose of "creating the world's first brand in segmented industries", Qiangbang people constantly invest in design and research and development funds, create new products, provide customers with high-quality fastening services, and create long-term value for the society.